5 Screenings Men Over 50 Need

When it comes to your health, procrastination can be deadly. But taking the time to schedule regular health tests can help you and your doctor catch problems early, when you can fix them or slow down the damage, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Don’t wait anymore. The CDC recommends you take the following steps before your first appointment:

  • Take stock of your family’s health history. There are some diseases that run in the family, so to speak. For example, if your father, mother, brother, or sister had colon cancer before the age of 50, you also have an increased risk for this cancer and may be a candidate for early screenings.
  • Make a list of questions and concerns to bring to your appointment. Have you noticed problems with dizziness or fatigue? Have you experienced mood issues or bodily changes lately?
  • Think about your future. The CDC advises people to consider future health problems before they occur. For example, if your job is taking a toll on your health or you’re struggling to stop smoking, tell your doctor about your concerns.
  • Find out if you’re due for any general screenings. The right tests for you will depend on your personal information and health, including your age, lifestyle habits, family history, and more.

Now, here is the list of five tests that men over 50 should have done:

  1. Hepatitis C Screening
  2. Colonoscopy
  3. Blood Pressure Screening
  4. Cholesterol Check
  5. Blood Sugar Screening


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