7 Bad Hairstyles Men Need To Avoid

Grooming is an essential part of our everyday lives.

Our head is our shop window to make sure it’s groomed. Whether you’re losing it and working with the best haircut you can, or you’re shaving like me, make sure this area of your body is the best it can be. I have already talked about the best ways to shave, trim and groom your hair, but this post is different; I want to make sure you don’t make any of the hairstyles or grooming faux par’s that some men have made.

It goes without saying these styles, or excuses to keep hold of your thinning hair, are a complete NO – don’t do it, if you are, STOP and if you’re thinking, ‘maybe I should do something about my look’, please do yourself a favor and start now.

All of these are BANNED from this point on; no Gent I know sports one of these styles.

#1 – The Combover

Really Guy, There’s no need for this!

#2 – The Comb Forward

Who are you trying to kid here?

#3 – Clown Hair

Clown Hair

Bozo The Clown had Better Hair, George!

#4 – The Monk

Monkey See Monkey Do, This Should Be Avoided Too!

#5 – Long sides, bald top

Captain Hook Auditions are Looking For Pirate Extras!

#6 – Bald Ponytail

This is just wrong in every way!

#7 – Make it spiky

Electricity is bad…mmm kay!

All of these are classic examples of men who are too afraid to come to terms with the facts that they’re balding. Hiding away or sporting any of these laughable cuts only makes matters worse, not better.

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