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How to Use Follicle Fuel the Right Way & See Noticeable Hair Growth Results

Losing my hair was a problem I didn’t know how to take it anymore. Follicle Fuel was the only solution that worked.

I was out of options and almost out of hair until I finally found it!!!

There is a company called Jupiter Laboratories who I owe it all to. These geniuses cured my baldness!!!!!

I ordered 2 bottles and got 1 bottle for free. The entire miracle I went through personally only cost me about $3 a day.

Male pattern baldness can affect up to 50% of men by the time they are 50 years old, but now there’s a way to grow your hair back in as little as one month. I was really skeptical about trying something that wasn’t from a doctor.

I tried everything from rubbing lotions on my dome to eating foods in bulk that online research told me to do twice a day, haha this was a total waste of time. I have put together this review and step by step tutorial on how I used Follicle Fuel to Regrow my Hair!



Your Body Knows How to Use Follicle Fuel

Follicle Fuel uses an all-natural formula to replenish the scalp and trigger dormant hair follicles into growing new hair again. Check out the label and you’ll find top-shelf ingredients like biotin, kelp, and sea buckthorn (which has been proven to clean hair follicles and promote hair growth), along with a plethora of carefully-researched vitamins and minerals designed to keep your hair and scalp healthy.

All of these ingredients are available over-the-counter, meaning you don’t need a prescription for Follicle Fuel. The thing is, you have to know how to use Follicle Fuel the right way if you want to experience all of its benefits to the fullest . . .

How to Use Follicle Fuel

Your body knows how to use Follicle Fuel’s ingredients to regrow hair, but you have to know how to take Follicle Fuel the right way – otherwise, it might not work. Fortunately, you’ll know how to take Follicle Fuel because the box tells you exactly how to use Follicle Fuel in three easy steps:

• Take two supplements once a day
• Drink “plenty” of water (one full glass with the two supplements is how I use Follicle Fuel)
• Continue for at least 3 months

The box says the “best results” tend to happen within 3-6 months, but I noticed my hair was much thicker, longer, shinier and overall more healthy within one month. By the time I reached 6 months, two close friends asked how I had managed to reverse my receding hairline!

Of course, I had to let them in on my secret and tell them how to use Follicle Fuel.
Although I noticed results within the first 30 days, others might need to learn how to use Follicle Fuel for a lot longer. For those with advanced hair loss, Follicle Fuel might not produce noticeable results until one full year of daily use. You just have to know how to use Follicle Fuel with patience and persistence!

I think Follicle Fuel worked so fast for me because I had a vitamin or mineral deficiency. If you have a deficiency, Follicle Fuel should work fast for you, too. Previously, I thought my hair loss was related to aging, but I have read reviews from people in their 20s all the way up to their 60s saying that Follicle Fuel worked within a month for them, too, so I think a lot of us are just deficient in vitamins and minerals.

How NOT to Take Follicle Fuel

Here’s how to take Follicle Fuel the wrong way (avoid these mistakes) . . .

• Taking more than two supplements each day can actually overload your body with vitamins and minerals, which sometimes damages the scalp and hair.

• Not drinking water with Follicle Fuel means the vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients are far less likely to dissolve into the bloodstream and take effect.

• Above all else, you have to know how to take Follicle Fuel with patience. This delicate process takes weeks at a minimum, so just relax and let the all-natural blend work its way into your scalp and activate the follicles over time. Even if you know exactly how to take Follicle Fuel and still don’t see results within the first half-a-year, my advice would be to keep going for 12 months.

If you don’t have the patience to learn how to take Follicle Fuel the right way, then prescription hair loss drugs might be able to produce faster results. However, these can carry unwanted side effects that are, in my opinion, way worse than losing your hair – so now that you know how to take Follicle Fuel, why not solve your hair problems organically?

Now That You Know How to Take Follicle Fuel . . . Do It!

Follicle Fuel is an all-natural solution to hair loss and hair thinning that really works. Now that you know how to take Follicle Fuel the right way, why not go to their website and try some for yourself? It ships fast, free, and internationally – and there’s no good reason not to visit their page and learn how to use Follicle Fuel to your benefit.

Like I said, permanent hair loss was a prospect I didn’t know how to take . . . Follicle Fuel was there to make sure I didn’t have to!

Hope this makes your life much better guys!


A Happy Head of Hair Customer For Life 🙂

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