Travel accessories every guy should pack

Travel must-haves this summer

Summer is almost here. And if you don’t have a trip on your calendar now, start planning one today. Summer is a high travel time, but that doesn’t mean a trip has to break your bank. Deals on everything from flights to full vacation package deals can be found.

Once your plans are made, make sure you have the right travel accessories. While you can’t control a delayed flight or overbooked hotel situation, you can be ready for anything while you’re traveling. Being prepared will make you feel more confident and less stressed as you explore a new city. Grooming, bags, tech – make sure to budget for these must-have accessories for your trip this year.

  1. Toiletry Case – Every man should own a toiletry bag. Whether you are traveling for one night or one month, the right bag will be home to all your grooming supplies.
  2. Water bottle – Dehydration can result in fatigue. Make sure you stay hydrated by keeping a refillable water bottle with you. Fill yours up when you can, and don’t spend your money buying bottled water. If you have a flight booked, fill up before you board to avoid dehydration and airplane water.
  3. Laptop sleeve – Let’s be honest, we love our technology. If you are someone who can’t leave his laptop behind while on the road, make sure your tech is protected.
  4. Tech kit – Phone chargers, USB cords. Keep it all safely and neatly in one place. Searching through your entire luggage for a phone charger isn’t fun. Have a portable charger? Pack that, too!
  5. Grooming pack – There are a ton of cool all-in-one supply kits available. Hair care, face wash and moisturizer and a good soap are must-haves. Don’t forget any shave supplies, too.
  6. Vitamins – Most of us throw out any diet or food rules when we are on vacation. To ensure you’re keeping your body filled with as many vitamins and nutrients as possible, don’t leave home without a great supplement.
  7. Headphones – Noise cancelling headphones can be a lifesaver. Keep your peace while on that 8-hour flight or 3-hour train ride. Wireless? Even better.
  8. Flashlight – OK, so even if you’re not heading to the great outdoors, packing a small flashlight can be brilliant (pun intended!). Exploring a new town at night will be safer.

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